RaceBets Sign-Up Bonuses

RaceBets Sign-Up Bonuses


£50 Welcome Bonus*

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RaceBets Sign-up Offers & Promo Code 2018

As far as bookmaker bonuses go, we’ve seen a rule of thumb across multiple markets: the more specialized a bookmaker is, the better the bonus scheme it offers to its customers.

This works on other levels as well, because we usually see specialized betting sites reach the top of their respective domain.

It does make sense, at a certain level – they have more time to truly understand their customers and their relationship with sports betting and are able to cater to their needs a lot better.

In today’s article, we will analyze the bonuses and promotions offered by Racebets.com, the leader of the horse betting business in the UK.

RaceBets Bonuses & Promotions

We strongly believe that their bonuses played a big part in their uprising to first place in the horse betting rankings. Of course, we shouldn’t underestimate the other key parts of their business: the variety and almost 100% coverage of their offers, their great customer support or their extremely practical website.

But the promotions they organized for both existing and new customers have persuaded lots of people to either continue betting, or open new accounts. The results of a good bonus scheme should be easily visible, and in the case of Racebets.com, they really are. But it’s very easy to seem smart once you’ve reached top spot.

RaceBets Welcome Bonus Up To £50*

RaceBets 50 welcome bonus

Bonus Code: WELCOME

RaceBets’ bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and are catered to a wide variety of their client base. But there’s one bonus which applies to almost all categories: the welcome bonus. Much like other, more traditional bookmakers, RaceBets offers to new customers a 100% bonus on a new customer’s first deposit, up to £50.

It’s a very common type of bonus in the UK sports betting scene, but the upper limit is quite good. We’ve seen bonuses which either go below 100% or only up to a limit of 25 pounds. RaceBets fare very well in this area and should attract a lot of new customers with the signup bonus.

Their other bonuses are very exciting, too. For starters, they have special bonuses for several geographical locations. There are a few selected races from the USA which come with 5% bonuses. Certain Indian races carry 10% bonuses, while Indian customers also have a 5% bonus to every deposit they make – not just the first one!

Although most of these offers are meant to attract people from all around the world to play with Racebets, they never forget where they came from: Their “Raiders” bonus means that every time you back a UK-born or Irish horse which competes in a foreign competition, you’ll get a 10% bonus on your potential winnings. All these bonuses show two things: incredible attention to detail, and a passion to cater to any client’s needs, wherever he might find himself.

Furthermore, RaceBets has a few consolation prizes as well. Their most famous (and useful) one is called “Beaten by a nose”. If your horse of choice has lost the race at a mere nose, your bet will be refunded, up to £25. This is especially useful combined with RaceBets’ “Best odds guaranteed policy”, and you’re also certain to have a horse locked in with the best odds available on the market. It’s a great promotion, especially for those of you who favor betting on favorites.

racebets sign up bonus

*Terms & Conditions

Of course, with so many bonuses, we strongly recommend you give the terms and condition section of the RaceBets website a thorough read. If you can’t find the time to do so, however, there is a saving grace: in the “offers” section of the website, you can easily see all the sign-up bonuses which RaceBets has open now. Below then, in a pale grey, there is a link saying, “see conditions”, which brings you directly to the conditions of each bonus – read these with extreme care.

For example, the welcome deposit of 100% is valid for all initial deposits of at least 10 pounds, and not made through Skrill, Neteller or Paysafecard, for all customers except those from Japan and India. Prepaid cards which are active in the UK and Ireland are also no-go for this bonus. The upper limit of the bonus is 50 pounds OR euros, and to withdraw any of the money, you must play through it at least 5 times. All these conditions are standard for the gambling industry and come as no surprise, but you should read them regardless.


To sum up, we believe that the offers RaceBets has for their customers are one of the main reasons why they’ve reached the top of the horse betting industry. They are extremely well-researched and catered to a wide variety of customers from all parts of the world, with very different levels of income. They truly are a global powerhouse of the horse racing betting industry.