Reviews & Ratings Of The Best UK Bookmakers

Bookmaker ReviewsWe boast with having a site very rich in content – and rightfully so. If you surfed around our website, there are lots of articles about everything related to gambling and betting that you can think of.

We believe that a big chunk of it is useful information, but we know that one of the most important pages on our site is the “Bookmaker reviews” section.

And why wouldn’t it be? At the end of the day, that is what our readers want to see: our impression about one bookmaker or the other. If you haven’t stumbled upon our bookmakers review page, we invite you to do so right now, and then check the rest of the article out.

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What To Expect From Our Reviews & Ratings

What can you find in the bookmaker reviews page? The title is pretty self – explanatory: bookmaker listings and betting site reviews. And ample ones, we might say. Each review takes a bookmaker through lots of different quality gates and processes, and each one has a conclusion at the end. We don’t just rate bookmakers with a few stars and give out some impressions.

We go gung-ho and want to understand the essence in each company so that our punters have the best information available when looking for a new betting site. These reviews are as objective as you can get in the business. We base them on facts, numbers, and as much hard-boiled information as possible, but do add a personal touch at the end. Agree with us or don’t, but read the reviews for the quality of the information we provide.

How We Review & Rate The Best Bookies

Speaking of these reviews, we want to clarify how we actually perform. We don’t just do them from an exterior perspective, going on their website and clicking around. We have a team of people with vast gambling experience, who open a new account with a bookmaker and play around for at least a month. They try a wealth of different products, like sports betting, casino games, or even poker or other games where they’re offered.

The members of our team or punters ,who cooperate with us, contact customer support a good few times, ask all the dumb questions they can think of, try to get to the bottom of the money management system, just to name a few things. With years of experience in the business, we know exactly where to look, as well as what our clients are interested in.

Why You Should Trust Our Reviews

That also brings us very easily to our next point: why our reviews are honest. We don’t get paid by any third party to promote one gambling business over the other. The reviews you read on our website are our own opinions, based on hard facts, and we try to make them as useful as possible.

We do them to help other punters, just like us, understand certain bookmakers better and make informed decisions. After all, we all know that the gambling industry has new brokers appearing almost daily, and this swamp of options can be quite confusing for new and old players alike. That’s where we come in. We want to make sure you have lots of information about as many bookies as possible.

And to make matters even more trustworthy and transparent, we share the criteria we use when reviewing bookmakers. Every betting site we’ve opened an account with gets analysed according to the things you will read in the next section, so you’ll surely know why we recommended one over the other. These features are, as far as we’re concerned, the things any modern gambling company should keep its eye on when opening shop and trying to attract customers. Here are the things we look at:

Trustworthiness/Reputation. Although these criteria aren’t listed in order of importance, we wanted to begin with the reputation each bookmaker has. At the end of the day, reputation is built on other facts, but how the market sees a bookmaker is pretty important. Other punter’s opinions are condensed in these criteria. If the market doesn’t have a good opinion about a broker, it’s usually for good reason – of course, we’ll investigate this reason further.

Licensing should really go without saying in our day and age. This isn’t really an analysis criterion, but more of a go/no-go decision. If you find a bookmaker who isn’t licensed to operate appropriately for a certain geographical area, leave it immediately and look for another one – no matter how good it looks in other areas. It simply isn’t worth it. There are plenty of fair, licensed bookmakers around with good offers to ever bother with a gambling company which isn’t.

Bonuses and promotions are a very important category. We usually analyse both sign-up bonuses as well as bonuses for existing customers, since both are of crucial importance for any client – broker relationship. More often than not,  bookies sign up bonuses are the reason a new client chooses one bookmaker over the other. That is why a big part of our review process is geared towards the quality of these welcome bonuses.

Sports betting markets, games and offers are about the “depth” of each bookmaker. We like to see as many options as possible, for as many people as possible. For sportsbooks, we want to see many leagues and cups, as many options for each game. We like to see rich casinos, full of games and players, and lots of different fun ways in which a punter can spend time on a bookmaker’s website.

Of course, this is also a matter of taste. Some gambling companies sell themselves as niche companies – for example, some betting website specialize on horse racing, and don’t offer a lot more. There’s nothing wrong with that, and we usually don’t penalize them a lot for such a thing. But we do make it clear that they’re certainly not for everyone.

Live betting goes hand in hand with ease of access and mobile betting. Not only is it extremely important to be able to place live bets on lots of sporting events, it’s also crucial to be able to do so from a number of devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or even from your smart TV or refrigerator (if that’s even possible). Live betting has known a big increase in number of fans in recent times, and would be silly to omit from one’s offer.

Mobile betting is certainly the future of the betting industry. One way or the other, all serious bookmakers must cater towards their mobile fans. Nowadays, we love seeing dedicated mobile apps from bookmakers, and even dedicated promotions for mobile customers. The entire industry is gearing more and more towards smartphones, and bookmakers who fail to adapt will get left behind.

Customer service is, of course, still very important – especially since we live in a period in which issues have to be dealt with faster than ever. Nobody can afford to wait days for a ticket to be solved. Customer support must be available for long hours, and must have the capability of being contacted through many streams: phone, e-mail, live chat, etc.

Money management is another important topic we look at. Of course, all bookmakers know how to handle credit and debit cards nowadays. But can they support e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller? Do they accept PaySafeCards, or other types of prepaid cards? How can we make sure that our deposits are anonymous? Do these money management methods count for bonuses, or are they excluded? Just a number of the questions we want to ask each time we review a broker.


To sum up, these are the things we look at when analysing a bookmaker. Of course, we also consider more subjective areas, such as the look and feel of the website, how easy it is to find information, the transparency of their free bets and other promotions, and so on and so forth. The bottom line is clear: we do thorough, transparent and well-researched work, and we’re sure we bring our customers the value that they’re looking for.