Darts Betting Sites – Best Bookies For Betting On Darts

darts betting sites

What are the best darts betting sites in the UK, which online bookies have the best bonuses and what are the ongoing betting offers for the punters? Keep reading to find out more about the game and the most important events in the UK.

There is an ongoing debate about what games are considered sports and which remain in the realms of simple games. The consensus, at this moment, is that a sport should involve some kind of demanding physical activity – which is why in official circles, snooker is still considered just a game.

We don’t believe this debate to be vastly important in our area of expertise, which is sports betting. The name shouldn’t fool you, though. Sports betting also includes betting on games like snooker or darts, and nowadays, even on computer games. And speaking of darts, did you realize that the pub game everyone loves to play has become nothing short of a professional sport nowadays?

List of Darts Bookmakers In UK

£10 Free Bet* 18+, Full terms apply
£10 ACCA Free Bet* 18+, Full terms apply
£100 Bonus Bet* 18+, Full terms apply
£40 Welcome Offer* 18+, Full terms apply
£30 Free Bet* 18+, Full terms apply
£50 Deposit Match Bonus* 18+, Full terms apply
£20 Free Bet* 18+, Full terms apply

There is another thing that grew hand in hand with the game’s popularity: it’s betting popularity. Since the British are such big fans of sports betting, it’s only natural for them to want to put some money on any competition, as long as its popular and has good, exciting offers.

The rest is history, really,  the sport cannot be ignored anymore, and it’s growing in popularity everywhere around the betting world, not just in the UK. Of course, it probably won’t surpass the likes of football or horse racing betting in terms of popularity, but it’s quite the neat addition to any betting portfolio.

That being said, there are more than enough options on the betting market nowadays to play darts with. Every reputable bookmaker that we’ve analyzed from the UK sports betting scene has more than enough darts games, and quite a few of the less-famous ones have the game in their offer as well.

Typically, it’s a part of their sportsbook offer – this does sound perfectly natural, but there’s a reason why we wanted to state it clearly. This means that if you want to choose a new betting site to play darts with, and care about the welcome bonus, you should look at the sportsbook one – which will be the one that impacts you darts plays.

Best Darts Betting Offers

And speaking about welcome bonuses, we drafted a short list of UK bookmakers where you can bet on darts, together with their sportsbook signup offers for doing so. Of course, these are not the only bookmakers whom you should have on your radar. If you want more options, we recommend visiting our Bookies Bonuses page and selecting the ones which you fancy most from that list as possible preliminary partners.

Make sure they all have darts in their offers, and then compare other things like signup bonuses, customer support, money management, and the other criteria which we use for analyzing bookies. We’re sure you’ll be quite impressed by names like NetBet, Mr Green Sport or Novibet. These bookmakers aren’t as popular as some of the ones listed above, but we’re sure they’ll quickly raise in rankings due to their great offers.

Darts Betting Markets

Outright/match betting are the simplest and most straightforward bets, where you simply pick the player which you believe will win the match. A draw is excluded in most cases, except for league games, as stated above.

Correct score bets are popular among a wide variety of games, and darts is no exception. In this case, it refers to betting on how many legs will each player win. There is a wealth of statistical data about players which shows you what they average is (how many legs they lose or win on average during a game)

Handicap betting also works in darts, as it works in multiple other games. If you believe a game is very one-sided, want to bet on it, but are disappointed with the outright bet, go for a handicap bet.

Accumulator bets should also be mentioned here, although they aren’t technically an individual type of bet – only more bets combined to ensure higher odds.

Most 180s is one of the more interesting darts bets out there. 180 is the highest number of points a player can hit during a single episode at the darts board, if he hits 3 consecutive treble 20s. This isn’t a very common accomplishment, and the crowd usually goes wild when it happens – which makes betting on it that more interesting.

Highest checkout is another unique type of bet, which can be restricted or not. It can either be restricted by bookmakers to the dreaded 170 score, which means that you’re only betting on the player to first hit the highest checkout score, or can be unrestricted, meaning that you’re only betting on who will do the highest checkout of the match, regardless of the value.

Nine-dart finish is possible the most exciting development in darts. There are a few ways in which this finish can be obtained but finishing a game in nine darts isn’t common by any means.

These are some of the bets which you should be accustomed with before beginning your darts betting career. As you can see, they aren’t complicated by any means. Some competitions offer other bets as well, depending on the format and specific rules. And speaking of competitions, we should shed some light on the major sporting events of darts.

Live Betting On Darts

Furthermore, make sure that the operator you choose also offers darts live betting, which is especially exciting. We recommend giving it a shot even if you haven’t been a fan of live betting so far, because it can be extremely fun and rewarding. Darts has the advantage of having some dead seconds from when one player withdraws from the darts board and his opponent steps up – seconds which can be crucial in placing a live darts bet. Also, the best betting sites offer live streaming together with live betting, which can make watching the sport a lot easier, especially since some tournaments aren’t televised broadly.

What Are The Darts Rules

And since we’ve started talking about how darts work as a sport, we want to take the opportunity to run through the rules of the game really quick. It will be especially useful for newer players, since they’ll understand the objectives of the game and be able to correctly interpret bets and options. Every darts game is a race between two players, who have three throws each time they come up to throw the darts at the darts board.

dartsThe darts board contains numbers from 1 to 20, as well as a bullseye in the center. It has some regions where the points are doubled or tripled, but these regions are very small and hard to hit with one dart, let alone with consecutive ones – here lies the difficulty of the game.

The game ends when one player managed to come from 501 (his initial score) to a perfect 0. This isn’t the only condition: to be able to close a game, you must hit a double with your last throw. Closing a game of darts using your last three throws is called a „checkout”.

The highest checkout number is 170, obtained by throwing two treble 20s (2 x 3 x 20 points) and one bullseye, which is worth 50 points. If this sounds like a lot of math, rest assured that you don’t have to do it yourself. There are plenty of darts checkout tables on the internet which can be consulted for free, as well as lists of „bogey” numbers. These numbers are a player’s worst nightmare, since he cannot close out the game using 3 throws if he lands on any one of those numbers. One such number is 169, and we’ll let you find out the rest by yourselves.

Darts matches are played in multiple formats. The most common format is comprised of legs (a game that goes from 501 to 0 is a leg). The first to reach 6 legs or best-of-11 is the most common format, but we’ve seen everything from best of 7, 11, 15, you name it. Furthermore, there are some darts competitions which are based on sets. A set is nothing more than a finite number of legs, usually 5, and the darts match is comprised of several sets. And to make matters even more flexible, consider that League-like competitions (like the Darts Premier League) also have the concept of „draw”, since they play best-out-of-6.

Darts Organisations & Their Tournaments

Darts has known a big surge in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when it moved from being just a pub sport to an almost worldwide sensation. The first professional organisations were then created, which organized the first editions of the Darts World Championships. Since then, the sport’s popularity has only gone up, and it attracted big money with the ever-growing number of fans which watched the sport. Just think about this: last year, the prize for the winner of the Darts World Championships (well, one of the world championships – more on that later) won a prize of £2,500,000. Not bad for just a pub game, isn’t it?

british dart organisationThere are two large organisations you should know about in the darts world: the BDO (British Darts Organisation) and the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation). Although the BDO is the older of the two, founded in 1973, the leader (in terms of market share, prize pool, and overall reputation at this moment in time) is the PDC.

Both organisations hold a World Darts Championship tournament, and these tournaments also overlap – they take place between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, each year. Player are allowed to participate in whichever tournament they wish but can only do so exclusively.

The PDC tournaments currently offer larger prizes, have more spectators (both live and digital), and also feature some of the most decorated darts players in history, led by Phil Taylor (16-times World Champion). These are not the only darts competitions, though – far from it. The PDC also organises the Premier League, the UK Open, the World Matchplay, World Grand Prix and Grand Slam of Darts. The schedule is usually packed with tournaments, so don’t worry that you won’t have what to bet on.


In the end, we believe that darts should have a place in anyone’s betting inventory, even if it’s not part of their main arsenal. Adding darts games to your betting slips can greatly improve certain betting systems, especially ones which aim to produce frequent wins at low odds. From a different standpoint, betting on darts means adding a good, healthy degree of fun to an already fun game. We hope that our article sparked your interest about darts betting, and we look forward to receiving any questions you might have on the topic.