Premier League Betting Offers & Free Bets For 2019-20 Season

Premier League betting 2019-20Find out the latest Premier League betting offers & free bets for the new 2019-20 season today. Get the best sign up offers, enhanced odds and welcome bonuses from top UK betting sites right here.

What can we say about the greatness of the Premier League which hasn’t already been said? The fans have clearly divided themselves into two camps: the diehards, who believe that the league is the absolute greatest in the world, and the sceptics.

The first category is all about the heart: passion, derbies, tradition, home-grown players, classic English football. The latter? Looking at rather disappointing European performances, and an overall lacklustre outing of Premier League teams against other top-notch competition from around the continent. We don’t aim to settle this debate – but merely to present what opportunities this great championship brings to football betting enthusiasts.

Premier League 2019/20 Betting Offers

As a bettor, the Premier League is heaven. Lots of teams, lots of games, Cup + League Cup duo, so lots of potential for surprises. Boxing day games, no winter break … should we even go further? In terms of selections, you can’t really go wrong with the Premier League. And to make matters even better, England is the home of some of the biggest betting sites on the planet.

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New Customer Betting Offers – Free Bets & Welcome Bonuses

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Football Betting Markets – What To Bet On Premier League Matches?

There truly is no betting market like the UK. Just think about it: the UK has almost 5 divisions (all the way to the conference) full of professional teams and players, all competing for glory. The Premier League is one of the few European leagues which still has 20 teams, and they show no signs they want to change this.

The vastness of the selection is one thing, but the amount of surprises is another story! There are so many local derbies in the Premier League, so much history, and anyone can truly beat anyone. Year after year, teams win the league with fewer points than last time around. While you might see teams regularly hitting 90+ points in other championships, the Premier League is much tougher and doesn’t allow this. That being said, bettors had to steer clear of outright bets.

They’ve developed quite a few other options, though. In the UK, handicap betting is a very widely spread idea. Also, bettors love to bet around goals and yellow cards around here, and they also love their combined special bets. You’ve certainly heard about people winning absurd amounts of money on betting that Xabi Alonso (back in his Liverpool days) will score a goal from his own half during the entire season. Others made money betting how many straight reds will Roy Keane concede over a season. See a trend? You can bet on anything, and lots of bookmakers even give special odds for special events. But enough about ancient history. Let’s jump into this year’s bread and butter:

The New 2018-19 Premier League Season

premier league trophyThe 27th season of the Premier League will debut on the 10th of August, and will see Manchester City try to defend a title they have easily won last year. Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham, three teams who all know the rigors of the Premier League very well, join England’s top flight this year and will do everything in their power to stay there.

There is a lot of enthusiasm around this season, too – especially after England’s above-expectations performance at the World Cup. They have shown that English football still has a lot to say in the world, and maybe their clubs will follow suit.

But will the Big Four or Big Six manage to produce any notable results in Europe this year, either in the Champions League or the Europa League? Will a lower-ranked team manage to upset things at the top? Maybe not at Leicester’s level, but at least to seriously challenge for 5th/6th place. Will we finally have a surprising winner of the FA Cup? And how will the newcomers fare? So many questions, but over 38 weekends and weekdays of football to answer them. We don’t want to step into guesswork, but instead want to do an analysis of the most important categories of team.

The Favourites – Who Will Win The Title?

Man City logoManchester City are, of course, the first team we have to talk about. Guardiola’s team won the league easily last time around – actually, “easily” is an understatement. Commanding seems to be a better word. 100 points, 19 clear of second placed Man United, with good performances across multiple competitions and some truly remarkable individual skill. Imagine scoring 106 goals without giving the league’s top goal scorer, and having multiple players overcome the 10-goal barrier. It’s very hard to play down their performances last season, and we know that Guardiola is a domestic league specialist.

They’re also preparing for this season very carefully. They haven’t let any key players leave the club, and only brought in one big name transfer: Mahrez, Leicester’s best player during their title-winning campaign. The squad has everything it needs: experience, new blood, flair, technique, you name it. The Citizens are surely no.1 favourites to retain the title.

Chelsea logoChelsea finished 5th last time around, after winning the title with Conte 2 seasons ago. They had a disappointing season from start to finish, showing true quality in very few games. Some blame the coach’s stubbornness with some players like Diego Costa, others blame a certain lack of quality up front – none of Costa’s replacements really started scoring. And we all know you can’t mount a serious title challenge without a striker capable of producing 20+ goals per season.

For this season, they brought former Napoli coach Sarri to lead them to glory. He had quite some good seasons in Italy, and would have surely won at least one title if Juventus weren’t passing the greatest period in their history. He brought Jorginho with him, and is on the market for a top-notch striker. However, his first job is to make sure Chelsea don’t lose Courtois, Hazard or Willian, or if they do, that they quickly replace them with similar-calibre players.

Things in the Chelsea camp look very unsure at the moment, which is why we don’t think they’ll be able to mount a serious title challenge this year. They could compete for 4th place, but should finish below United, Tottenham and Liverpool – possibly ahead of Arsenal, who aren’t passing the best period either.

Man United logoManchester United are another team to watch. Last year’s runners up, with 81 points, were expected to do somewhat better, especially after the enormous amounts of money they’ve invested. Sadly, for Red Devil fans, Mourinho’s dealings on the transfer market haven’t been the best. Despite paying a lot for the likes of Sanchez, Lukaku and Pogba in recent years, they haven’t been able to turn into squad leaders. Moreover, players who have been brought in for a few tens of millions are now bench-warmers or loaned out – while Young is still the team’s number one right back. A lot of issues to bring into pre-season.

Add some hints of drama to this mix, and United might very well sack Mourinho and find themselves coach-less at the beginning of the season. Mou is pointing fingers at the club’s management for not bringing enough quality players in (Fred is the only big name, Dalot is more of a hot prospect). Mr. Woodward is avoiding a direct answer, but rumour has it that the board is starting to be fed up with Mourinho.

Alexis Sanchez is still treated like a new signing, and the club doesn’t seem to find a correct balance between him, Lukaku, Pogba, and the other creative players around the club. Moreover, their fullbacks are still sub-par – Young isn’t getting any younger, and neither is Valencia. And remember, neither are natural fullback. Valencia had some great performances last year, but Young showed his limits a few times during the World Cup.

That being said, we can’t see United winning the title. They’ll lose points where they shouldn’t, produce way too few moments of true quality, and probably get outmuscled and outplayed by a few teams in the league. Sure, they’re cynical, experienced, and might get the ball rolling, but they’re not polished enough to become a league-winning team.

Arsenal, always a brArsenal FC logoidesmaid, never a bride. But can all this change? With Wegner’s departure, the club is sailing into the unknown – lots of their fans weren’t born when Wegner took the club over. Emery is a very interesting mix, too. A very successful manager with Sevilla, a tier-two club in Spain, with certain similarities with Arsenal. PSG proved to be a hat too big for the Spaniard, but he has all the necessary qualities to succeed in England.

He’s already brought in a few players, to show that he means business. Lichsteiner, Leno, Papastathopoulous, Torreira and Guendouzi are this summer’s transfers, and they all look good. Arsenal really always had lots of quality up front, and they showed this during the second half of last season. Défense was their problem, conceding 51 goals – a lot for a team who wanted to finish in the top 4. They only managed to finish 6th, which can be a good thing for Emery – he has time to build a squad and rotate a lot during Europa League matches. With his skill, we might just see Arsenal challenge for top 4.

Liverpool FC logoLiverpool are, alongside Tottenham, a team which we usually talked when we were thinking about 5th/6th. Not anymore though. Ever since Klopp joined the club, they have shown that they can beat anyone. Sure, they’re inconsistent at times, and maybe naïve in defence, but their previous season almost saw them lift the Champions League trophy, after some magnificent attacking displays. Their offensive players (Salah, Mane, Firmino mostly) are out of this world, and can out-score any opponent.

The flaws which we’ve seen last season are, sadly, still here. After losing Can on a free transfer, the club was left with no holding midfield. They quickly brought in Keita, Fabinho and Becker for their own end. All experienced players, and top-notch transfers really. Shaqiri is just the icing on the cake, a matter of want, not necessarily of need. If the team gets the ball rolling quickly this year and manages to stay injury-free, they just might prove to be a serious contender for the title. We believe they’ll finish second this year, and can’t really fall out of top 4.

Tottenham fc logoTottenham are the last team we’ll mention by name when it comes to winning the title. 3rd last time around, Pochettino’s side are just a whisker away from being truly top-notch. The only problem is that they haven’t really found that whisker during the transfer window.

Deulofeu, Masina or Ben Foster are hardly game-winning players, and the team will surely look the same as last year. But that might not be a bad thing after all. We see them competing for top 4 once again, and morale will play a very important role – if they stay motivated, they have all the chances in the world to finish there.

The Relegation Battles – Clubs That Will Say Good Bye To The PL

This competition is usually just as fascinating as the title challenge. Naturally, you’d expect the newly promoted teams to be first in line to fall right back, and we believe the same for Cardiff and Fulham. Wolves, however, are a different story – and we believe they’ll manage to steer clear and finish somewhere between 15th – 12th. Southampton, Huddersfield, Brighton and Watford should all be very careful this season, after narrowly escaping last time around. Burnley is another candidate, because they also play in Europe this year – which might just be too much for them to handle.

The Top Goal Scorers – Who Will Score More Goals?

Premier League 2018-19 goal scorers

Very little surprises here. Since no big-name striker made his appearance in the Premier League, we expect the same players to compete: Salah won the title last year after scoring 32 goals, and we only expect the likes of Kane and Aguero to come close to that tally. Lukaku is just below the three in terms of our preferences, and other candidates (Giroud, Vardy, Lancazette) are a little off.

The next season of the Premier League will also bring us in front of some very interesting records. For the sake of the competition, however, we hope for a much more balanced title race, which ends with a team winning with 80-something points, not 100 like last time. The total transfer sum does seem to remain decent and not break records. We’d also love for a team to break into the top 6, as we love a challenger at the big boy’s table.


In the end, as much as we hope and make predictions, we’re sure that reality will be much more fascinating than whatever we can think of. The Premier League has proven to be the most competitive league out there time and time again, with many dramatic encounters being the salt and pepper of the entire championship. We can’t wait for the 10th of August to get started, and watch as many games as possible. And, of course, how else would we watch games, if not accompanied by a few bets, just for that little extra kick which makes football so wonderful.