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32Red Review – Sports & Casino Bonuses 2020

In an age where information of all kinds is readily available for almost everyone, becoming the best in any given industry sector has become a lot harder. The average consumer is much better informed than he was 10 or 20 years ago, and the number of competitors has also kept increasing.

Nowadays, there are dozens of companies with very similar offers in any industry, with very little differentiating them. In the sports betting industry, this story still holds water – there are more bookmakers than ever, all competing for roughly the same players. In this war of attrition, information and very small differences, it’s our job to analyze these bookmakers and see who is the winner – even if the margin by which they win is very, very slim.

That being said, we’ve seen a clear pattern in the last few years: each bookmaker we analyze has both a sportsbook and a casino, to indulge both betting enthusiasts as well as seasoned gamblers. While the new arrivals at the industry table might have started with both parts from day 1, the story is quite different for the others. We have seen a lot of seasoned sports bookmakers open casinos, and a lot of respectable casinos open sportsbooks.

Today’s review will feature a company from the latter category: 32Red.com. The casino was founded in the year 2002, which gives them quite an experience in the gambling area. They have also established their sportsbook shortly after the foundation of the casino, and are now looking towards the top ranks of the UK betting scene. Do they have what it takes to be a crowd favorite?

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When we first visited the website, the first feeling was one of calmness – we’ve seen the layout and the colors before, and the menus were very easy to navigate. 32Red did not try to re-invent the wheel here. Instead, they have chosen to go with a tried-and-true layout for their online business, with real success so far. The first thing we’ve checked like we always do, was the bonus category – both for new players as well as for existing ones. We know that all bookmakers want to attract as many customers as possible, and what better way to do this than using bonuses?

The website has a very clear and easy to find “Promotions” area. After clicking on it, we’ve seen that 32Red only has a handful of bonuses. They even mention their cash-in option here, which technically isn’t a bonus, and our long-term analysis on the subject hasn’t yet found a clear verdict if cash-in possibilities are real or not. There is a single football-related bonus, a 100% profit boost on your first in-play bet, and a couple of classics in areas such as horse racing, blackjack, and other casino games.

After exiting the promotions area, we have found a couple of other bonuses around the help center – like a free £10 bet for each new account (no deposit required) and a 320% bonus for new casino accounts, up to £160. These are good to have and almost industry standards by now, but it would have been a lot better if the information was easily available in the “Promotions” section.

If the bonus section wasn’t as large as we would have liked, we went on to check the actual events that 32Red has in their offer. This is a major tipping point for any bookmaker review, and is usually the area which makes or breaks a certain company. At a glance, we have seen that the company offers lots of sports, but since we’re talking about their business in the UK, we must first dig into their football offer.

Betting Markets, Odds & Sports Selection

As far as numbers and options go, we had nothing to comment, nor good or bad about 32Red’s selection. We found all the leagues, games and betting options we could possibly hope for, from big European derbies and latter stages of cups to small, local games from obscure leagues. Each game has more than enough bets to choose from, and the reaction times are quite good, especially in the in-play section. After reviewing the selection, we went on to check what the odds 32Red offer on some of the most commonly searched for games of the weekend, and compared them to industry standards.

We have found some deviations here, ranging from small gaps (0,01 or 0,02) to larger numbers (up to 0,05 in some cases). This does mean that they are both slower to react to market changes, as well as hinting towards the fact that they have a higher profit margin than other bookmakers. While the slowness can be a good thing in certain cases (especially for free bets and other arbitrage tries), it’s clear that a betting system which requires very precise odds and results wouldn’t work very well. For example, if you want to make an over 0,5 goals bet on a certain game, a difference between 1,07 and 1,03 is huge – and will surely hurt the system in the long run.

As far as other sports go, the trend we saw in football betting remains vastly the same. Lots of selections from classics such as tennis, basketball or horse racing to chess, darts and e-sports, with decent odds almost all around the table. If you’re looking for an account with a bookmaker who gives you lots of options with a reasonable profit margin, you could look no further.

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Speaking of options, the vastness of the website (and the mobile app, for that matter – 32Red had one of the first mobile casinos in the world) truly struck us when we entered the casino area. Here we found a very cozy website offering great experiences, across lots of games ranging from classic blackjack, poker or slot games to new additions targeted to all age groups and types of players. It’s clear that their years in the casino business have been well spent, bringing us one of the most well-built casinos that we’ve seen. The mobile app is also very easy to use and can provide hours and hours of fun, all from the comfort of your favorite device.

Deposits, Payments & Customer Service

After getting a good idea about how the website operates and what it can grant us as customers, it was time to test them in other areas: money management, customer support and ease of access. Unsurprisingly, a client can use lots of ways to deposit money (debit or credit cards, Skrill, Paypal or other online wallets, even bank transfers).

Withdraws can be problematic with some bookmakers, but from our experience 32Red fares very well here as well – 2-3 days is the usual wait time for getting a hand on your winnings. As far as customer support goes, the Gibraltar-based company offers a 24/7 instant chat, e-mail support as well as a telephone number for UK clients – 0808 180 3232.


To sum up, 32Red.com has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy and overall well-adjusted bookmaker. They certainly took advantage of their years of experience in the casino business to bring a great-looking version of their own casino, both online and on mobile, and their sportsbook isn’t very far either. An account with them could certainly be useful, especially for moderately passionate bettors or gamblers.