Top Tennis Betting Sites And Bonuses In The UK

Best tennis betting sites in the UKSports can be categorized in lots of ways, but the most common one is team sports vs. individual sports. While team sports promote communication, teamwork, balance and trust between colleagues, individual sports are known for developing stronger mental traits, discipline, and skill.

There is a special feeling to know that your fate only lies in your hands, in your possibility of defeating your opponent on the court, with no outside intervention or advantage. There is quite a good number of individual sports around the world at this moment, but none is as exciting for the betting scene as tennis.

Which Bookmakers Are The Best Option For Tennis Betting?

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£10 Free Bet* 18+, Full terms apply
£30 Free Bet* 18+, Full terms apply
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Ideally, your bookmaker must also give you great response times and odds if you plan on betting live on tennis. Thankfully, there are quite a few brokers in the UK scene who are more than happy to accommodate all the needs of their tennis customers. Here are a few we warmly recommend:

Royal Panda is, of course, on this list, being one of the modern bookmakers out there in the betting industry. At this moment, they have a single promotion: 100% up to £100, and given the great number of games that they have on their sportsbook, it’s not a bad promotion at all.

Netbet are also relative newcomers to the scene, but are fighting hard to gain as many customers as possible. This is good news for us betting enthusiasts since it means good odds, good bonuses, and good customer support.

Unibet have one of the greatest betting apps in the business, and they use it perfectly for live betting – so it’s perfect for tennis. They have quite a few deposit bonuses and new customers bonuses, which can all be checked both on their website and our Betting Sites section.

Above you can find a table of some more bookmakers with reviews and betting offers, that we recommend for your tennis betting practice. Each bookmaker is reviewed by professionals of the sector, has detailed information about the sign up bonuses and other new customer offers. Check them out before singing up with your new bookie.

Currently, tennis is only second to football when it comes to the amount of money it moves around through bets. Like many other sports, tennis has originated in Britain, around the end of the 19th century. The oldest and arguably biggest tennis tournament of the world, the Wimbledon, was born in 1875, the same year the sport evolved close to the rules we know today.

Nowadays, there are four Grand Slam titles, countless other championships around the world, and almost every nation has a tennis player who turns into a hero or legend. Think about names like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal – these three have dominated the game for quite a while and encouraged millions of children from around the world to give tennis a chance.

Other millions were promoted by the likes of Wawrinka or Murray, who have both shown that the above-mentioned legends can actually be beaten. The same goes for women tennis – where Serena Williams shows us year after year that she still has what it takes to win big tournaments. But why has the sport gained so much in popularity, from its early origins?

The answer is both straightforward and complex, just as the game. Simple, because it features two athletes going against each other. Unlike other sports, referees, weather conditions or various courts and fields have little say in the outcome of a match. The result is almost 100% decided by the skill of the two players and their capacity to bring their A-game to the table. The objective of the game is also quite simple: hit the ball over the net in such a manner that your opponent cannot return it.

While these are all obvious facts, we don’t want to make the game more complex than it has to be. All players know the objectives, how to hit the ball correctly and mechanics. The most attractive part of the game is the subtle difference which turns a good player into a great one – the capacity of being more disciplined, or more hardworking, or more creative than his opponent. There are a few points in every game where a winner is decisive, and a loser is not.

A Short Guide To Betting On Tennis

That’s why the sport is absorbing for the betting scene as well. There are two main things that make the sport perfect for betting: the fact that a lot can happen in a game, along with the long pauses between points, which are ideal for live betting. Let’s elaborate:

The simplest bets you can place on a tennis bet are regarding the winner. No fuss here, since there is no possibility of a tie in this sport. Next up, we can bet how big the win will actually be – for example; one player can win a 2/3 game by two sets to zero or two sets to one.

Moreover, we can even use handicap betting to our advantage. If Djokovic plays a very weak player (outside the first 200 places in the ATP standings, for example), you don’t only want to bet that he will win in two sets. You also want to bet that he will lose very few games, and such you make a handicap bet – for example, Djokovic -4,5 to win.

Of course, you can boil down your betting options per set, per game or even per entire tournament. There’s almost no limit to how high or low you could go. A crucial component of tennis betting which we must mention, though, is live betting. Due to the 20-30 second break between points, tennis in-play betting has picked up good speed in recent times.

Think of it this way: the score is 15-30, and you just saw the player serving win a long point and make it 30-30. It’s a great time to go online and place a live bet that he will win the game, since he’s on a high and also serving. There are lots of scenarios which you can make money of when it comes to online tennis betting.


To sum up, we can easily understand why tennis has become so popular in the UK betting industry. It’s a game filled with excitement, unpredictability, and head-to-head games, where heroes rise and fall on an almost daily basis. Betting excitement comes naturally in games fueled by passion, and what sports is fueled by more British passion than one they invented themselves? Andy Murray’s recent achievements have surely also given the betting scene a nudge forward, but it surely won’t stop here.